Healthcare Structure

β€œSri Lanka possesses high standards of public healthcare delivery when compared to the WHO region of South East Asia. The healthcare structure of the country is very well defined, with primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals and specialty centres. There is one National Hospital, 20 teaching hospitals and 25 district general hospitals at the top of the hospital hierarchy. The bed strength of the government hospital sector is 78,243 with 81.5 medical officers per 100,000 population.

In addition, dedicated tertiary-care hospitals for cardiovascular disease, oncology, psychiatry, pediatrics, infectious diseases, and respiratory diseases provide services to large patient bases in the relevant disease areas.”

Primary Health Care Structure

Well organized primary healthcare structure that facilitates patient retention for studies with long-term follow up

  • Immunization cover > 98%
  • Death registration > 95%
  • MMR – 12/100,000 live births
  • IMR – 11.2/1000 live births

Western Healthcare Institution

Both the public and private sectors are involved in the delivery of allopathic healthcare systems, primarily governed by the Ministry of Health, which ensures provisions of comprehensive health services to all citizens.

Tertiary Care Hospitals

Large, well-equipped, tertiary-care hospitals compatible with those in developed countries with all major and sub specialties. Sector curative services are provided through a series of health care institutions ranging from basic central dispensaries to teaching hospitals and the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL).

State Funded Health Coverage

Sri Lanka has a free and universal healthcare system. It is organized through both public and private sectors, and includes the services of those practicing within the allopathic system of health care, along with traditional medicine such as ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments.

Patient Related Documents

The business language utilized in Sri Lanka is English. The patient related documents are all maintained in English.

Dedicated Specialty Hospitals

In Sri Lanka, there are various hospitals which contain units dedicated to specialties. Many hospitals from NHSL to CSTH to Kandy Teaching Hospital contain their very own neurotrauma, cardiology, nephrology units; the National Cancer Institute (NCI) was setup for the treatment of cancer patients.